The infinite pleasure of the Onewheel, made in the US


The Onewheel of Future Motion © is the first electric gyro-skate that has ever existed and is far ahead of its Chinese competitors, especially for its extreme reliability, its power and the constant innovations that its builder demonstrates. Today there is no serious competitor capable of contesting the market of “urban surfing” to the famous American Future Motion.



The Onewheel gyro-skate is a large central wheel, a “snowboard” driving position and a gyroscopic operating principle based on the inclination of the board. The Onewheel is driving without hands, the gyro-skate  follows the movements of your center of gravity, being every day in free ride snowboard mode


From Onewheel + to Onewheel + XR


Future Motion has made a significant effort since its creation through a popular kickstarter to evolve the Onewheel table towards an ultra-reliable and effective element , the Onewheel +, marketed since summer 2017. The Onewheel + immediately had a planetary success but was missing autonomy (about 10 km), a recurring reproach of riders that became an element of general frustration. Future Motion responds to this frustration with the launch of the Onewheel + XR with twice the autonomy of its predecessor, a master blow that definitely buries the ax of war and elevates this magnificent artifact of pure pleasure to a category of perfection (and yes, we fully assume write such praises). 


Double pleasure

The Onewheel XR travels between 18 and 27 km away on a load, this is twice the distance that a standard Onewheel + could travel, that is, between 8 and 11 km. A huge leap forward in view of the technical difficulty in providing the board with a developed and therefore amazing battery.


A true all terrain

One of the main attractions of the Onewheel is its all-terrain look that is further accentuated in the Onewheel + XR to offer more possibilities for  off-road rides In fact, a developed battery offers greater power and therefore higher overtaking capabilities .

Onewheel +XR

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